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The Quantum Leap Institute LLC


An advanced training academy for financial advisors

"We are dedicated to putting you in the top decile of all financial advisors in the industry"

Wisdom at Work

Utilizing over 100 years of experience in both the securities industry and training professional salespeople, Richard Capalbo and Bob Lodie have invested substantial time studying the process of becoming a successful financial advisor. This research has led them to examine all of the characteristics one must possess to truly excel in the securities industry. They have designed a series of videos, tools, white papers and conference calls, which in a simple way, explain how to master all of the skills necessary to reach the top decile in the industry and at the same time, develop a robust capacity to enjoy the process.

Watch our 2-minute video and learn more about the full suite of QLI content and coaching.
Inside Look

Listen & Learn About QLI

Listen and LearnBob Lodie
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Why QL Institute

QLIBob Lodie
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The Value of Membership

Our Annual Membership includes:

  1. A featured series of videos to provide you with all the best practices of Elite advisors.  These are recorded by Richard and stored in the Library for retrieval at any time.  The content comes from Richard’s years of work with thousands of advisors

  2. You get to play an active role with us if you choose. There’s a  monthly recorded session where we take the top two rated questions or requests from your emails and produce recorded responses that are added to our library

  3. The Library holds all of our videos, monthly recordings, and white papers on the practices of Top advisors.

  4. Our Blog has Articles of Interest and commentary on industry events and other thoughts we want to share.

So, hit the Become a Member button and join us and your peers in gaining a unique insight to your business and the journey to million dollar production.

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