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“If I knew everything about tomorrow, what would I do differently today?”

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I read this question in a newsletter recently and thought it spoke to the way in which one could plan not just their day but their life. To capture the value and utility of this question, try the following:

Take a few minutes today to describe what you would like tomorrow to look like.

- Where do you see yourself physically? Home? Office? Traveling?

- Who do you visit with or talk with on the phone?

- What kind of food will you eat?

- What activities will leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied?

- What activities will prompt you to say, “What a great day this was?”

Answer the above questions and perhaps a few questions of your own. Then list the actions you can take to create the tomorrow you want.

Now ask the really big question, “If I knew everything about my future, what would I begin doing every day?” This one will take a bit longer because you have to decide what you want your future to be and deciding what one really wants in the future is a huge challenge.

“The way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker. You can do this.


Bob Lodie provides direction, confidence, and capability in a unique experience for financial advisors, teams and branch managers.

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