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We believe from our collective 100 years of experience, that compounding small daily gains from a counterintuitive approach to building a million-dollar book of business, works. To deliver that result we enable financial advisors to leverage their current book of business and concurrently build deep roots and loyalty with their clients that will result in a lifetime of growth for both the advisor and the client, and a profitable succession exit by the advisor. Our work is based on surveys of hundreds of advisors and the science behind the story of “Moneyball”. We provide assessment and insight on a current book of business, and develop with the advisor, Smartcuts” in a sustainable action plan for better than average production growth and determine their strategy for continued growth.


This service for QLI memberships will include calls with Bob Lodie that include 8-12 live coaching sessions, several exercises, phone calls as requested by either party, plus weekly video lessons from Richard Capalbo.


The length of this service will be 5-6 months of coaching and 1 year of weekly video episodes.

Growth Blueprinting

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