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Chief client officer of a major New York Stock Exchange Firm

        Finally some one gets it right! Richard understands that keeping your best clients is much more important than bringing in new ones. Not only are your clients the lifeblood of your business but they are the key to continuing to build a great practice year in and year out.


 Director of Institution Marketing at a hedge fund

         Richard has developed a sixth sense when it comes to the use of customer service to build a successful business. His methods of creating a network of resources to serve clients are unparalleled. It is easy to see why he is one of the most popular and sought-after. Speakers in the Financial Services Industry. 


Dean of the graduate school of Management of one of the leading Universities in Southern California

     With all the attention to analytical methods in business management these days many have forgotten the art and importance of relationship management. This book is a tutorial on building trust between the professional advisor and his or her clients



Multimillion-Dollar producer at a New York Stock Exchange firm.

          Richard has done the most significant introspection of the role of a financial advisor since Nick Murrays landmark work. His client service model raises the bar.  .  

PhD and Chairman of a Scientific Firm

         This book is the Rosetta Stone to Customer Service. Concept after concept leads the service professional to develop the manta, “I’s all about them.” Putting your best clients first is a lesson that has to be learned over and over again until it is indelibly transposed on your brain.    


Professional speaker, motivator and educator.

        I have known Richard Capalbo for years, both as a personal friend and as a business associate. I place great value in what he has to say- Richard gets it right.  


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